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Justine Quetzal

Justine is a young entrepreneure, originally from Quebec, who works in the field of Movement, Art, and Music. She studied Literature and Administration at University, in addition to studying Yoga during her travels, which she continues to teach today. She is also deeply inspired and humbled by indigenous wisdom teachings and ceremonies. Her journeys to different parts of the world, and deep within herself, have opened her mind and helped her free-spirited expression to unfold. Her music is a clear reflection of her personality, which encompasses gentleness and audacity.

“I always knew that I had songs sleeping inside of me, and I started to hear them once I began to fully believe in myself. I think that each voice is unique and deserves a chance to blossom into its’ fullest expression.

Why the
Violet Flame ?

The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy of transmution. To be effective, the Violet Flame has to be put in motion, and the power of affirmative words is one of the best way to ignite this movement of energy.

Before playing music, I had a hard time catalyzing my emotions. Then, when I started to write songs three years ago, I found such a profound joy within myself that the external events of life did not have the same power over me. It was, in other words, a deep initiation, as well as an invitation from the universe, toward a higher version of myself.

My Violet Flame is this Music; its’ message has the potential to transmute dense energy and open up the path to a more liberated and magical outlook on life. We all navigate a stormy ocean at times, and music can be our anchor, so we can rest and breathe; but most of all, so we can carry the flame of inspiration upon the rays of a new dawn!


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